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October 21, 2018

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About Granite

Granite . . .
  • Is quarried in the form of huge blocks, some weighing up to 20 tons, from all over the world and is found in the oldest mountains.
  • Is cut into slabs that are generally from " or 1 " thick for use as counter tops in kitchens, baths, entertainment rooms and other areas of homes and business.
  • Is an igneous rock, which means that at one time during the development, it was melted like volcanic lava, however, unlike lava, granite was created deep within the earth millions of years ago. The molten rock remained trapped inside the earth, where it slowly cooled and crystallized under extreme pressure, resulting in a very uniform, speckled tone from the quartz and feldspar that generally give granite a color that ranges in color from black and gray tones to pinks, browns, reds, greens and whites.
  • Is polished to a specified finish, often very shinny, which is what you find in most homes, kitchens and bathrooms. These slabs are then carefully crated and shipped to fabricators, such as Signature Stone Corporation.
  • Is one of the hardest natural materials found on earth.
  • Is unique and its elegence and individuality is considered to be unmatched as a work surface.
  • Is stain resistant and easy to maintain.
  • Is extremely heat resistant.
  • Is shown to be more bacteria resistant then laminate, concrete, tile or wood.
  • Is a surface that, with proper care, will provide a lifetime of use.
  • Is a symbol of everlasting beauty.
  • Is known to increase the value of a home when use in kitchens and baths.


Metamorphic rocks are those which have been changed from one form to another by the high pressure and temperature environment of the Earth. "Metamorphism" means the process of changing form.

Dolostone or dolomite rock is a sedimentary carbonate rock that contains a high percentage of the mineral dolomite.

Dolomite is the name of a sedimentary carbonate rock and a mineral, both composed of calcium magnesium carbonate.